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Pay Per Lead - One Lead, One Price, You Choose

At, we offer something no other similar advertiser does: We offer performance-based marketing designed exclusively for sedation dentists to help you grow your business quickly. We offer highly customized websites that we promote through online ad networks that are targeted online to your business in your service area. You control the price per lead, and you only pay for each lead we send you.

What Is Pay-Per-Lead?

It's simple . . . you only pay when a customer calls or emails your office. That takes the guess work out of advertising. No more hoping and praying that your ad attracts patients and that the phone starts ringing. With our performance-based pay-per-lead system, the leads come to you first, then you pay! How refreshing is that? If you want to learn more, check out How It Works!

Why We're Different!

There are many online marketing companies who sell leads to dentists. However, our leads are different! We focus solely on sleep/sedation dentists and the services that they provide to their patients. How do we do this? Well, we can't give away all our secrets, but let's just say we know how to create websites that rank highly for locally-based services, and we know how to leverage all the major online ad networks to bring you ONLY local leads who are looking specifically for the services you provide. If you sign up with us, you will get exclusive, targeted leads that aren't shared with any other dentists, you get to name your own price per lead. Plus, we don't require a minimum time period for our contract, so you can quit anytime.

We're Not Your Ordinary Lead Generation Company!

We've heard various complaints about other lead generation systems. Perhaps you'll be able to relate to these issues . . . If you're using online advertising to get more patients, perhaps you've experienced the following:
You didn't get the volume of leads you wanted (either too many or not enough)
With us, you get to choose how aggressive you want us to be. That means we'll work with you to bring in the volume and type of leads you actually want. It's not an exact science, but depending on your needs, we can alter our marketing campaigns to bring in the pre-qualified flow of leads you're looking for!
You were over-billed
We've heard some nightmare stories . . . you signed up, and before you knew it, you were stuck with thousands of dollars in fees, and you weren't even sure what it was for. Don't worry . . . with us, you ultimately decide how many leads you want, and you can accurately track our lead-generation efforts so that you're always aware of what you spent and what you got.
You had to compete with other dentists
We have developed a solution that allows the customers to come to you! If they contact you through our efforts, you will know that they have already learned about your company. Effectively, they have been pre-sold!

The Difference

We truly are unique, and we think you'll agree. Other companies have found ways to attract potential customers and act as a middleman between the patient and the service providers. But with, we've tailored our services to tackle the specific issues you have been dealing with. The result is a revolutionary way to grow your business in a way that makes sense, ensures a long-term growth pattern, and that does so in a cost-efficient manner. So what's the difference?

Type of Customer
With other lead generation services, potential customers fill out their information blindly into a form expecting to get quotes from several dentists (meanwhile knowing nothing about the dentists that will ultimately contact them). In most of these cases, the potential patient is getting multiple quotes from multiple service providers because they want to drive down the price of care through competition. With our leads, patients come directly to our site with the promise of finding ONE quality service provider in their local area. At that point, they can read all about you and learn more about your services. When they contact you, you can be sure they're already very much interested in setting an appointment with you!
Lead Close Rate
With other lead generation services, you're competing with 4 or more dentists, so the chances of you closing the lead are considerably lower. With us, after learning about your company through our website, our leads have contacted you and only you. Those leads are effectively pre-sold, and because of this, our clients report closing a much greater percentage of the leads we deliver compared with shared-lead companies.
Higher Revenues
Our websites don't scream "We're the cheapest in town . . . call us!" Instead, we focus on communicating a message that will help you target your perfect patient. And in most cases, we understand that one aspect of the perfect patient is one that doesn't mind paying more for higher quality services. That's the type of person we try to target for you.
Direct, Immediate Communication With Your Leads
We don't act as a middleman, pushing leads one way or another. We stay out of your way so that you can do what you do best: provide quality services to your patients. That means your office communicates immediately and directly with potential patients. By allowing leads to contact you via phone or email, we help ensure that you can quickly and effectively assist them with their needs, which helps you close an even higher rate of the leads we deliver. Have you ever purchased a 10-day-old lead? Those days are gone!
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Pay Per Lead - What Is It?

A new type of marketing that allows businesses to gather new customers by buying actual leads instead of advertising space that might or might not bring in leads.

Tracking Your Leads

It doesn't have to be so difficult! We take the guesswork and complication out of determining your ROI. With us, you can see all of the leads we've delivered to you, and you can easily track them so that you always know what our services are providing to your bottom line!