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Search Engine Optimized Dental Marketing Websites

Sleep Dentist Example Website Our websites are at the heart of our unique marketing service. Each dental practice that partners with us gets the exclusive use of one of our professionally-designed, keyword-rich, search-engine-friendly websites - all of which are hosted on a "geo-sleep dentist" domain name (, for example). Our team has the knowledge and expertise to customize each of our client's lead generation sites so that they are able to obtain high search engine placement in the paid search results. By partnering with us, potential customers in your area will be able to easily find your lead generation site, become pre-qualified by learning about your practice, your business, your employees, your proud history of work, etc. These pre-qualified patients will them contact you directly via phone or email.

But I Already Have a Website

That's okay . . . most of our clients already have their own sites. While some don't have their own sites, and have therefore chosen us to manage their search engine marketing, most clients utilize our marketing service as an additional online "billboard" for attract more patients. Our service gives you the opportunity to advertise online more than once with an additional, online, highly optimized website. Then we pay for the ad clicks that drive new, pre-qualified patients to visit this site and call your practice!

Website Customization

Through our services, you will be able to display many important aspects of your business on one of our highly optimized websites. When your new potential patients visit the site, they will read about your company, the services you provide, your professional associations, and your coupons, specials, financial options, etc. Your company logo and photos of your employees can be displayed as well. When you partner with us, we make it easy for you to have an additional, professional-looking web site that will target patients in your local area.

Our customization efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Your company logo
  • Customer testimonials
  • Text that highlights your experience and services
  • Trade associations in which you are a member
  • Any awards or special recognition that you have received
  • Payment options
  • Special new patient coupon
  • Or discussing any other aspect about your business that you want your new potential customers to know about.

Landing Page Optimization

How can you make sure you're presenting the most effective message possible to site visitors? This is an extremely important message, and gets at the heart of landing page optimization. Determining the best possible site to present to potential customers takes superior design skills, marketing expertise, data analysis, and most of all, creativity. Landing page optimization is the practice of tweaking and testing your website to determine what creates the highest number of good leads.

Does Optimization Really Work?

Absolutely! By consistently trying to improve your message and trying to attract your "perfect" lead, you can increase the number of leads you receive as well as the quality of those leads. Because we can track all of the traffic to our sites as well as how many turn into leads, we can accurately measure any given site's performance. And whether the site is converting 15% of visitors or 50%, there's always room for improvement. But one thing is for sure, those that spend the time to really figure out what hits home with their customers will be rewarded with more and better customers.
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Are They Finding You

What's the point of a beautiful storefront if it's not located on a well-trafficked street? It's the same with web marketing..if you want customers, you've got to set-up shop in the right places!